To Look Good is to Feel Good on National Beautician’s Day

Local cosmetologist Sandra Dee Christmus at work.

Some of you may not know that June 26 is National Beautician’s Day. It is not known just how this day came about, who suggested it or how it got national attention, but it seems like a good idea. It is not any sillier than some of the days that we have, celebratory days for certain foods, animals and people. This day gives us a chance to show our appreciation to those who help make us look beautiful and feel better about ourselves. This not only means the gal or guy who does your hair, but also includes manicurists, make-up artists, masseurs and those who wax eyebrows. For the men it is the one who does the haircut, often a manicure, trimming the bushy eyebrows and plucking nose and ear hairs.

Hair salons can be found in every town in our country and in countries all over the world. There are 1,300 Fantastic Sam’s alone, not counting all the privately owned salons. Many of the salons feature the ‘locks of love’ program where clients donate their hair to help hundreds of children and adults who suffer from long-term medical hair loss. This hair is made into custom-fitted hair prosthetics. A beautician’s training and talents transform the everyday you into the lovely woman you always knew was inside you. They make you glow and feel happy. Ask any woman and she will tell you ‘when your hair looks good, you feel good all over.’ Thus the term ‘having a bad hair day’ means your whole day is in the dumps.

There is a difference between a salon and a beauty shop. Beauty shop is an old-school term that refers to a ladies-only shop, whereas a salon is unisex and takes care of men and women. A barber shop is mostly a men’s shop, but there are master stylists in some of these shops, many of them women. I have been going to the same stylist/colorist for the past 18 years. Even when I lived at Lake Wateree I drove to her Blythewood salon every week, just as many of the Lake Wateree ladies still do. As she changed from one Blythewood location to another, I too made the change. When you find one you like and trust, who knows your hair and does it to satisfy you, why make a change? I like to feature a person-of-interest from time to time and have decided to feature this young woman this month in recognition of National Beautician’s Day.

Her name is Sandra Dee Christmus, wife to John and mother to three children. Christmus was born in Blythewood to parents Doug and Wanda Broom. Her mother is deceased. She is a twin to Cindy and the youngest born of a family of four girls and one boy. Her other sisters are Faye and Renee and her brother is named Dusty. Christmus attended Palmetto Baptist Academy in Columbia and graduated from Bob Jones University in Greenville in 1989 where she was in the cosmetology program. She continued her work in this field at the J.C. Penney hair salon before going to work at Special Effects in Blythewood for 11 years. In December of 2000 she opened her own shop, Cuttin’ Loose. She has been working on hair for the past 23 years, specializing in coloring.

When she was just 5 years old, her parents picked up a little boy from another neighborhood to give him a ride to school each day. Little did they both know that they would one day become husband and wife. They began dating in 1987 and married at Palmetto Baptist Temple on June 24, 1989. John has been a firefighter in Columbia for the past 19 years. The couple’s three children are Haleigh, age 21; John Luke, 19; and Cullen, age 15. They are members of the Sandy Level Baptist Church where Sandra Dee sang in the choir for many years. Sandra Dee is an avid sports person who enjoys power walks, is proficient in racquetball and for the last eight years has been scuba diving, at least two dives a year in different parts of the world. Being compelled to attend continuing education classes for her license, she also attends additional classes to keep up with the latest techniques and newest and best products.

It is fair and fitting that you show your appreciation to your beautician on this day, if not with a small gift, at least a word of thanks. Thank you Sandra Dee Christmus and others in the field of beauty on this ‘National Beautician’s Day.’

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