Don’t Blame Housing

Your County Council Chairman has once again stuck his foot in his mouth. Evidently, he only sees what the County Administrator instructs him to look at, and the Chairman has a ‘blind eye’ by not touring the county in places like South Winnsboro, the end of Loblolly Lane, Old Chester Road, the rest of the Mill Village, Greenbrier, Blackstock, Jenkinsville, Monticello, Ridgeway, etc. All these areas have properties that you need to turn your attention to. The ‘Scouts of Industry’ may visit one of these communities.

The house the Chairman mentioned in your article (July 6, “Tighter codes putting County staff to the test”) is a rental I owned, and after being contacted by code enforcement with Zoning, the house was boarded up. The grass at this location was being cut every two weeks. We actively showed the house to rent and finally sold the house. To make this possible, we even financed it for the buyer.

The County Administrator, the Deputy Administrator and the Council Chairman – the Three Stooges – know why industry and retirees will not come to Fairfield County. It is not because the send scouts out to check houses on Columbia Road. It is because of the millage rate for taxes being over 400 and because of the school system. Ask the Stooges why we needed a third industrial park at a cost of $1.9 million when the first two industrial parks did not work. How many other overspending projects will the Stooges dream up?

J.R. Douglas


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