Town, Government Meetings on the Horizon

The Board of Architectural Review will meet on Monday, July 23 to hear a proposal from Trinity United Methodist Church to expand its campus. That meeting is a regular meeting to be held at the Community Center on Blythewood Road across from the Food Lion Shopping Center.

There have been a number of committee meetings held recently, including the Tree Ordinance committee meeting, which is scheduled to next meet on Tuesday, July 31, at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.

Some committee meetings are planned but not scheduled. One of the most anticipated meetings will be held by the Municipal Improvement District (MID) committee.

Town Administrator John Perry said he is waiting for more information before scheduling the meeting. Perry told Council recently that he doesn’t know how much money an MID could generate to fund improvements, nor was he certain how the properties inside the MID would be assessed. Perry said he expects to hammer out some of these answers during the upcoming meetings, expected to be scheduled soon.

Another committee still trying to gain traction is the Baseball Committee, headed by Bob Mangone.

“I’ll be emailing the committee members in the next couple of days to get a meeting date set so that we can try to figure out a way to get some more baseball fields going in the town,” Mangone said.

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