Deport Replica Could Become Business Park

Town Council passed a resolution at its Monday night meeting to pursue an economic development project in what it called the town’s “municipal business park,” which Town Administrator John Perry explained is the site of the train depot replica long proposed to be built in the town park near the railroad track in front of Town Hall.

The resolution stated that the Town could “use funds paid by a utility to fund certain, eligible infrastructure projects owned or constructed by the Town.”

The resolution identified the construction of the depot as part of that infrastructure.

Perry told The Voice that the utility paying the funds for construction in this case would be Fairfield Electric Co-op.

The depot was originally scheduled to be built out of the $5.5 million park bonds. When those funds fell short, town officials said an offer had been made by an unidentified source to donate or build the depot, but would not name that source.

At one point last spring, the mayor’s park review committee was held up from deciding whether to go forward with the park because of certain ‘data points’ that Perry said could influence their decision. He would not disclose what those ‘data points’ were.

But Perry told The Voice prior to the council meeting that the entity that would be affiliated with the proposed depot for economic development purposes had to do with those certain ‘data points.’

Perry told council that the Town would also like to set the boundaries for a Doko Meadow Municipal Business Park on the site of the proposed depot and the grounds around it.

“Along with other funds and loans available to the Town, the Town would like to use funds paid by a utility to fund the project,” the resolution stated.

Council authorized the Town Administrator to seek a determination from the S.C. Department of Revenue regarding the eligibility of the depot under the Utility Tax Credit Act.

Council also delegated authority to Perry to determine the best way to develop and finance the depot and other projects associated with it in the proposed Municipal Business Park

The resolution also established a General Repealer that repealed all rules, regulations and resolutions that conflicted with this resolution.

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