Big Grab big success

Blythewood Art Gallery on Wilson Blvd. in Blythewood was one of many businesses that participated in the Big grab yard sale. Shown above are the Gallery’s owners, Deborah and Michael Morrison (center) with friends Dena Crapps (left) and Sue Hyatt.

Keith Loner of Blythewood and his daughter, Ashley York, who is visiting while her military husband, Andrew, is stationed in the Azores, take time out from shopping the Big Grab in downtown Blythewood to rest on a sale couch set along the side of Highway 21.

The much-anticipated 25-mile yard sale, The Big Grab, was a lot of fun and, apparently, a successful time was had by all – buyers and sellers alike.

Starting in Greenhouse # 1 at Reeses’ Plants (near I-77 Exit 24 onto Highway 21), the string of yard sales meandered through downtown Blythewood, continuing north on Highway 21 to Ridgeway and then on to Winnsboro. The vendors’ booths were well stocked with merchandise and well attended by shoppers. Restaurants in Ridgeway were packed as were other stores in town. And Blythewood was booming as well.  In Winnsboro a string of 10 tables of treasures strung down the sidewalk in front of Tim Wilkes antique store. It was a yard-sale dream come true – everything from furniture to jewelry to horse trailers – all at bargain prices.

Upwards of 50 sponsors each kicked in $25 to help defray the cost of signs and supplies to organize the project. While Denise Jones, co-owner of The Cotton Yard Market in Ridgeway, is being credited for coming up with the idea of the sale in the tri-town area, it is an idea that has caught on around the country with one in Kentucky stretching more than a hundred miles.

“It was a great effort on everyone’s part,” Jones said. “Terry and Susan at the Fairfield County Chamber as well as the crew out of Blythewood worked long hours and came up with good ideas to help make the two days a success.”

Jones, who was sidelined a couple of days before the event with a broken ankle, said she expects the sale to become an annual event and be even bigger next year.

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