BZA OKs home business in Ashley Oaks

The Blythewood Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) granted a land use exception Monday night to a homeowner in Ashley Oaks, allowing him to operate a business out of his residence.

The BZA voted unanimously to allow Garolyn Forrest to operate a Web-based medical supply business out of his home located at 118 Ashley Ridge Road.

Forrest’s business had to satisfy five criteria in order to receive the land use exception. Those criteria had to do with the impact the business might have on the surrounding neighborhood: traffic; vehicle and pedestrian safety; potential impact of noise, lights or obstruction of air flow on adjoining property; adverse impact on aesthetic character of area and orientation and spacing of improvements of structures.

Because the zoning exception goes with the land and can be used by a subsequent owner, Forrest had to swear that his business would adhere to the following six conditions on a continual basis:

1. It must be conducted inside dwelling by resident family members with no more than two non-resident employees.

2. It must utilize no more than 25 percent of total dwelling floor area or 50 percent of an accessory building.

3. There can be no change of exterior appearance of dwelling.

4. There can be no outside dis play of products.

5. The business must not create any health of safety hazard, noise, offensive emissions, traffic hazard, unsightly condition or nuisance.

6. The business’s activity may not be visibly evident outside dwelling, except for a wall-mounted non-illuminated nameplate not over two square feet.

Forrest swore to uphold the six conditions.

Prior to approving the exception, the BZA elected new officers, who will serve in an interim capacity until the first meeting in 2013. The election was necessary to officially replace the former chair of the board who resigned late last year when he moved out of the town. The Board elected vice chairman Bob Massa to serve as the interim chairman and board member Sabra Mazyck to serve as interim vice chairman.

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