Ordinance Would Change Blythewood Election Day

Town Council passed the first of two readings to change the town’s election date to make it a more uniform date to coincide with other elections in Richland County.

Under the proposed ordinance, the town’s regular elections for the offices of mayor and council will be held in odd numbered years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Town attorney Jim Meggs explained that this might or might not be the first Tuesday of the month.

If the ordinance passes second reading it will become effective upon preclearance by the Department of Justice, Voting Rights Division.

In other business, Council approved a verbal resolution for the transfer of the development agreement for the Abney Hills development from its former owner, Mike Shelley to Security Federal Bank in Irmo who now owns the property as part of a fee in lieu of foreclosure and plans to act as developer to finish the buildout.

The verbal resolution also approves a resetting of the buildout dates from 2013 to 2016.

Council also passed second reading to amend the town’s Hospitality Tax ordinance. Changes included giving business owners 10 days instead of a 24-hour notice to prepare for an audit or inspection.

The ordinance also provided that if a business changed ownership and the previous owner was delinquent in paying Hospitality Tax, the new owner would be responsible for paying the unpaid balance.

Council also passed first reading on an administrative ordinance that would establish new commercial zoning district regulations in the Town.

An executive session was on the agenda to discuss proposed contractual arrangements and proposed sale or purchase of property; however, the session was cancelled.

Town administrator John Perry announced that Council would probably hold one or two workshops during October to discuss the new commercial zoning amendments. Those dates will be announced later.

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