Dog Days at Round Top Elementary

Alex Nevils, a third grader at RTE, shows off his rescued Jack Russell mix, Lucy, who came as a Chia Pet. Alex’s mom made the costume.

Madison Andrews, also a third grader at RTE, tries to coax her Shihpoo, Josie, to jump over the pole. Josie is thinking about it.

Anna Katherine Middleton, a first grader, wore a black cat costume to compliment her 11-year-old yellow lab Chloe’s witch costume.

Emma Hill and her dog Jabba.

Vivienne Heider, a second grader at RTE, dressed her German Shepherd, Yeager, as a sheriff, complete with gun and badge.

Round Top Elementary School held a Dog Walk Sunday afternoon to raise funds to sponsor a guide dog through Southeastern Guide Dog Association

Students brought their dogs dressed in Halloween costumes to the school playground area.

The families visited and all the dogs  sniffed and shook hands, then the students paraded their costumed pets around the grounds, munched on hot dogs and were awarded prizes for best pet costumes.

Besides the costumed dogs shown here, there was a leather-clad motorcycle dog in sunglasses, a Bengal track star dog, a K-9 prisoner, a dog in a lobster costume and many more, all proudly shown off by their families.

Following the awards ceremony, all the canine participants were given doggie treats. It was a fun day for all.

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