Fairfield Council on Aging Seeks Holiday Volunteers

The holidays will quickly be on us again, ready to fall like a snowball balanced on top of Mt. Crumpet. Many people may be thinking of giving gifts to their loved ones.

The Fairfield County Council on Aging (FCCOA) hopes that you’ll think of gifting them with some of your time and become a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

Just a few hours out of your busy schedule can be a priceless gift for some seniors in Fairfield County.

“We have several meal routes in and around Winnsboro, where we’d love to see some kind-hearted people volunteer to carry the meals,” said FCCOA Meals on Wheels coordinator Brian Garner.

“Most of our routes are designed to take about 45 minutes to complete,” he added.

Meals on Wheels volunteers arrive at the FCCOA Senior Center about 11 in the morning to pick up their meals, then spend an enjoyable 45 minutes visiting with the seniors on their designated routes and delivering meals to them. Everything is pre-packaged

“We feed in the neighborhood of 75 seniors each day,” Garner said.

“The hot meals are important, but what’s equally important is the other thing the volunteers provide; human contact.

“When you bring a meal to someone and spend a few minutes with them, you show them that you care,” Garner said.

“It’s the best feeling to get back in your vehicle after having visited with a client, and know that you’ve made their day, just by being there.”

The time commitment can be as little or as much as you like; you can deliver one day a week or more if you wish.

“We also have volunteer opportunities in the Jenkinsville, Greenbrier and Ridgeway areas,” Garner said.

“We have a really dedicated group of volunteers and staff. Because of them, some people get meals that might ordinarily not get anything,” Garner said, “but we have other people in the county who don’t get a meal simply because we don’t have any way to get it to them.

“Our volunteers and staff have their hands full serving the clients that we can serve, but some additional volunteers would enable us to help so many more people.

“If you are interested in donating your time, call me at 803-635-3015 and we will find the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you.

“The gift of your time could be the greatest gift you give this year.”

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