Letter to the Editor: Tripped Out

On Sept. 18, I attended a Fairfield County School Board meeting.  The agenda included a presentation by the Senior Class President regarding a proposed senior class trip.

The students had decided that they would rather take a cruise as opposed to a trip to Florida.  Several alternative travel plans were presented, but the bottom line is that approximately 75 to 100 students would be making the trip along with 10 chaperones at a cost of $500 per person, more or less.

I was surprised that the taxpayers of the county were being asked to pay for a senior class trip, but I was amazed that the School Board would consider it.  I can only recall two concerns being raised. The first one had to do with the liability involved – I can’t imagine any insurance company underwriting the trip. The other question was about any fund raising efforts that had been considered.

To me the issue is simple: Taxpayers don’t pay for such things.  What does a leisure cruise in the Caribbean at taxpayer’s expense have to do with our mission to improve public education in Fairfield County?  I don’t remember a senior class trip when I was in school, but I’m sure that if there was one, it was paid for by the students or their parents or by private fund raising.  That’s just the way it is.

I believe this is an accurate account. I don’t believe I misunderstood what was being discussed, or that I have left out any important facts.

Gordon Doty


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