Recount of District 4 Confirms Marcharia Win

A recount Friday morning by the Fairfield County Elections Office confirmed a narrow victory for incumbent Kamau Marcharia in County Council’s District 4.

Totals that rolled in late on election night, Nov. 6, indicated a four-vote edge for Marcharia over his challenger Mary Brown, 834-830, a margin of less than 1 percent. The results triggered an automatic recount for the seat, which Friday tallied up the exact same results, according to Debbie Stidham at the Voter Registration Office.

After the recount, Marcharia said he was naturally relieved.

“Every vote counts,” he said, “and this election demonstrates that.”

Marcharia said he had to work vigorously during this campaign against a challenger who had employed a very energetic and, to some extent, successful ground game that included a lot of knocking on doors and early voting. But in the end, Marcharia said, his base in Jenkinsville and Lake Monticello helped him carry the day.

“The overwhelming support from my constituency put me over the top,” he said.

Marcharia said he did not believe the close vote was a referendum on his policies, but was instead simply a vigorous effort by his opponent.

“I don’t see any reason to change what I’m doing,” Marcharia said. “I don’t think people are dissatisfied with what I’m doing. I’m out there fighting for things for them.”

Things like a new fire station and EMS station in the area, which Marcharia said would be in next year’s budget and which would help residents in District 4 feel some relief on their home insurance premiums. But the one lesson Marcharia said he did learn: “You can never take politics for granted.”

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