All’s Fair in Love, and Fake Love

It is beyond belief all the hype surrounding the Notre Dame football player’s so-called love life. All this energy being spent. It probably will come out that he was “chumming the waters” for a Heisman. Still, it does not reach a level that the school should be holding press conferences.
Are things like this so new? I don’t think so.

A little story:

When I was in school, four of us were good friends. We called ourselves “The Four Musketeers.” We went to Myrtle Beach for a weekend. On Friday afternoon one guy met a girl. She was very pretty, intelligent, personable and very nice. One that would last past a one-weekend hookup (although we did not call it that back then). They were inseparable all three days. We saw them from time to time on the beach, in clubs and just around.
On the trip back home Sunday night he was all aglow. He told us all about her. We were from High Point, N.C., she was from Greensboro, about 15 miles away. She knew some of the same people he did. She told him about her family, what her father did for a living. In other words, he was smitten. And, I have to tell you, having met her I could see why.
The next week he called the phone number she had given him – no such number. The address she had given him was an empty lot. He called the friends she said she knew. No one knew her. He moped around for weeks, in love. He never heard from her again.
This was in the mid ‘60s. Is there anything new under the sun? This Notre Dame young man is not news. If this is a story, then maybe the good thing is we do not really have any problems.

Grey Brendle

Lake Wateree

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