Council OK’s Red Clay Divorce

WINNSBORO – During executive session Tuesday night, Winnsboro Town Council discussed several items, including their legal contract with Red Clay Development and the Mt. Zion Institute. Council has decided to start the process of parting ways with Red Clay Development.

“We’re going to authorize our attorneys to contact Red Clay and negotiate the termination of our contract,” Councilman Jack Wilkes said.

With the termination of the contract, the Mt. Zion property would fall back into the Town’s hands and it would once again become their responsibility to keep it up to code. The hiring of a new code enforcement officer has been delayed due to the Municipal Association needing to renew the ordinances before hiring an officer.

The meeting started off with the finance committee approving William Medlin’s capital expense request. Due to numerous unauthorized entries to the Town Lot by the Sanitation and Electrical department, Medlin has requested $4,965 to furnish and install a new gate. The current gate needs to be replaced in order to prevent someone from crawling under it. There will also barbed wire added to the top of the fence to further secure the area.

Grants director, Connie Shackleford wrapped up her American Disabilities Act self-evaluation plan. In order to be incompliance with the ADA the Town needs to install handicap bars in bathrooms and add some parking spaces.

“I recommend that we have to have these specifications in order to be in compliance,” Shackleford said.

An estimated price has not been concluded, but a deadline of July 2014 has been issued to comply with the specified items.

Council authorized the hiring of a public safety officer for Chief Freddie Lorick after he had personnel move on to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

Lastly, Council decided to review a revised edition of the employee handbook that includes retirement benefits at the next Town Council meeting on Feb. 5.

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