December Passes Without Water Deal

Winnsboro – A revised contract between Winnsboro and the City of Columbia, which would have brought an additional 600,000 to 1 million gallons of water into the Winnsboro water system, did not come to fruition as anticipated at Columbia’s Dec. 18 City Council meeting.

Winnsboro Mayor Roger Gaddy said recently that the Town’s reservoir has not replenished as had been hoped after Columbia took the stress of supplying Blythewood off Winnsboro’s back last summer. That agreement, which took almost a year to materialize, allows for up to 400,000 gallons a day to flow from Columbia and into Blythewood, through Winnsboro’s water meters. Gaddy said he hopes an amended deal could be completed much quicker.

“We’re looking for more of a long-term relationship with Columbia to take the pressure off our reservoir,” Gaddy said.

But as of last week, the Town of Winnsboro had no news from Columbia on such an agreement. Steve Gantt, Columbia City Manager, said that he would be presenting a revised contract to City Council some time this month.

Fairfield County has agreed to spend the $400,000 to purchase pumping equipment, which will be necessary to feed water from Columbia and into the tower on Highway 34 near Ben Arnold.

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