No Changes at Top of County Government

FAIRFIELD – There will be no changes in the structure of Fairfield County government in 2013. Jan. 14, both Council Chairman David Ferguson (District 5) and Vice Chairman Dwayne Perry (District 1) retained their respective positions during Council’s election of officers. Ferguson received five votes for chairmanship, while Carolyn Robinson (District 2) received two. Robinson also received two votes for the vice chairmanship, while Kamau Marcharia (District 4) received one. Perry received the remaining four votes in the secret ballot.

Council then filled two vacant spots and ratified eight reappointments on county boards. Nelson Lacy, representing District 7, was ratified for a seat on the Council on Aging, and Frances Lee O’Neal was confirmed as a Council appointment to the Olde English District.

The following were ratified by Council for reappointment:

Shirley Seibles (District 3), Behavioral Health Board; Ethel Burrell (District 4) and Anita Tarlton (District 6), Council on Aging; Lewis “Buddy” Haigler (District 3), Gwen Harden (District 6) and Vickie Robinson (District 5), Disabilities and Special Needs Board; Sammy Castles (District 5) Fire Commission; and Michael Quinn (District 6), Hospital Board.

Finally, Council approved first reading of Ordinance 610, which rescinds the County’s Uniform Solid Waste Management Ordinance 410 (also known as the “Litter Control Ordinance”) and replaces it with the 2012 Solid Waste Management Plan. The new plan has been updated to meet the current S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) regulations as well as the current Fairfield County solid waste handling practices.

Council meets again Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. in their chambers at 350 Columbia Road.

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