No Time to Sell Community Center

I wish to comment on the second reading of Administrative Ordinance # 2013.001, Sale of the Community Center.

Approximately two years ago, the Blythewood Town Council decided to sell the Community Center property. At that time, I recall that the vote was to sell the Community Center Property for the highest bid in excess of $2 million. Councilmen Paul Moscati and Edwin Garrison were on the Council at that time and John Perry was the Town Administrator.

Since that time, a contract was signed and thereafter allowed to expire wherein the Community Center Property would have sold for an amount in excess of the stated $2 million minimum.

Now you sit here, ready to vote on a sale that is far less than $2 million. I have no dissatisfaction with the purchaser; my angst lies with the Council, Mayor and Town Administrator.

When, according to today’s media, the economy and housing are allegedly on the upswing, why would we agree to reduce the price of this property?

Why wasn’t the property re-marketed, seeking additional suitors?

Why is the Town in such a hurry to sell this property?

According to the Town’s reports and your rhetoric, the Town is in “excellent financial shape.” So, why are we having a “fire sale” of this property? How do you justify this action?

I am amazed that a mere 14 months ago: 1) the property was worth more than it is now; and 2) statements made by Town Council members are no longer valid.

How naive of me to still believe that a man’s word is his bond! That you actually do what you say you will do!

I strenuously object to the sale of this property at this time, for this price.

Tom Utroska


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