Green Acres

Western Fairfield has been in dire need of road repairs, a medical/health facility and recreation center, just to name a few things. SCE&G has been aware of this and have been kind enough to step up as good community stewards and gave the county 8.12 acres here in Dawkins for a health clinic and recreation center almost 20 years ago. For all that time most of the people on County Council have been aware of this parcel, yet nothing has been done for the community, except that the Councilman from District 4 has talked it to death. He has been doing this for the last eight or nine months. Monday night’s special called Council meeting was held to rezone certain properties, one of which is located on the curve coming into Jenkinsville on Highway 215. This property is owned and sold by Praise and Deliverance Temple and in the Mayor of Jenkinsville’s back yard – sold for profit, of course, to Eau Claire Medical clinic, which obviously will be an asset to the area.

Now let’s put the puzzle together: Dr. Stuart Hamilton of Eau Claire Medical was obviously hoodwinked into this parcel. Of course he was only told what they wanted him to hear.

I wonder why no one sat this man down and said to him: There are 8.12 acres on Meadowlake Road, 2.5 miles, driveway to driveway, from the existing clinic, that can be yours absolutely free. That question will come out next Monday, when I will ask why no one advised him of the gifted property.

Our illustrious County representative completely disappointed everyone in his community. He showed his dynamic ability to represent us with his mouth and vote against us with his actions. What would have happened Monday if he had abstained? Nothing would have changed except for the fact that we might have felt someone was actually representing the best interest of our community.

I am truly upset with his actions on Monday evening. In a private conversation with Dr. Hamilton after the meeting, he stated that he has been looking for a parcel of land for over a year and no one told him about the 8.12 acres.

What serves just a few in this county serves as the main course for all. If you don’t like it you can read this, sit there and shake your head and say he is right or wrong; or you can come to these meetings and tell them yourself. Come Monday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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