For Gaddy

I have been fortunate to be on Town Council for the last two years and watch Mayor Roger Gaddy conduct the Council meetings. I have also had the privilege of watching and listening to him at joint meetings with the County and other municipalities in the county. Believe me, he would make any of you proud to call him your Mayor. Mayor Gaddy is the most knowledgeable person I know regarding the needs of our town.

Everyone who lives in this town and has a love for Winnsboro shares a vision of what we would like our town to become. Mayor Gaddy shares that vision, too. And he feels the vision can and must be accomplished through a realistic approach. As my dad would often tell me, “You have to live within your means.” That is true for the Town of Winnsboro also. We must have a mayor who has goals and who is also protective of our town’s finances at the same time.

I consider Bill Haslett a friend, but this election is not about friendship. This election is far more important than that. As a town, we are facing important issues such as water, economic development and the improvement of our downtown area. Decisions have to be made that are in the best interest of our town and I feel there is no one better qualified to make those decisions than Mayor Roger Gaddy. He will lead us in the right direction.

I urge everyone to cast your vote on April 2 for the re-election of our Mayor, Roger Gaddy. Let’s let him continue the fine job he’s doing for our community.

Clyde Sanders

Town Councilman District 3


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