Sinkhole repaired on Oakhurst Road

James Collins of Blythewood, left, and fellow SCDOT crew members Brent Lilly and foreman Carlos Jackson work to repair the sinkhole in Oakhurst Road.

BLYTHEWOOD – A sinkhole was reported on Oakhurst Road Saturday afternoon, causing the road to be closed for several days.

When S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT) road crews arrived on the scene, they discovered a hole in the pavement about 3 feet in diameter about 150 feet from the Blythewood Fire Station. According to crew foreman Carlos Jackson, a much larger cave, measuring about 5 by 10 feet, was discovered beneath the hole in the pavement. Jackson said the sinkhole was caused by a broken, 2-foot diameter concrete drainage pipe that runs underneath the road.

He said the force of the water pouring out of the broken pipe had carved out the cave beneath the pavement. SCDOT crews set up barricades blocking traffic on Oakhurst Road, and the repair work was completed by Tuesday.

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