Who Writes This Stuff?

You can tell by James Denton’s ‘Battle of the Bonds’ editorial (April 5) that he does not have to pay property taxes in Fairfield County.

First of all, Fairfield County’s School District receives almost $31 million a year to spend. Their own auditor said millions could be saved each year by cutting unnecessary spending.

Second, a 34 mill increase for two years and then give back 10 mills to keep 24 mills for more spending is not temporary taxation. Where did Denton go to school? Have you ever seen anyone drop tax rates after going up?

Third, the 24-carat egg, which is $54 million, has already been spent by Fairfield County Council – a new hospital on I-77 and two more recreation centers. Why could they not pay back some of the taxes by lowering the millage rate to zero?

Fourth, the new bond of $24.06 million without raising the millage proves one thing – we are already paying too much taxes. The County Administrator has already said he will raise the millage every year just in case he needs it later. This year, instead of 3 mills, he went up 5.69 mills.

Fifth, what stats did Denton read to find out a new Career Center would improve society and keep the jails empty?

Sixth, taxes are necessary to run a county but when you increase spending 88 percent, a change is needed.

Seventh, the County Councilman from District 7 once said, “If you build them, they will come!” This was with Industrial Site #1 and #2. A third will do the same – nothing, with our current leaders.

J.R. Douglas


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