Southern Capital Attorneys Pack Bags

BLYTHEWOOD – The attorneys for the plaintiff in the South Capital Group, Inc.’s lawsuit against the Town of Blythewood and Councilman Ed Garrison have sought and been granted the right to withdraw their services from the plaintiff.

In a motion filed with the U.S. District Court in Columbia, on April 5, attorneys Daryl G. Hawkins, Charles E. Usry and the Law Office of Daryl G. Hawkins, LLC asked the court to issue an order relieving them as counsel for South Capital Group, Inc. In their motion, the attorneys referenced the portion of Local Civil Rule 1.16(b)(5) that provides that a lawyer may withdraw from representation when: “the client fails substantially to fulfill an obligation to the lawyer regarding the lawyer’s services, or payment therefor and has been given reasonable warning that the lawyer will withdraw unless the obligation is fulfilled.”

On April 29, Chief Judge Terry L. Wooten signed an order relieving the attorneys as counsel for the Plaintiff South Capital Group, Inc. The order stated that South Capital Group, Inc. principals David H. Hilburn and George Delk had 45 days from entry of the order to both obtain replacement counsel and provide notice of the identity of replacement counsel to the court. It stated that failure to do so would result in dismissal of the case.

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