Dawkins Does It

Recently, the Dawkins Community Association asked its youth to pitch in and clean up the roads in our neighborhood. Some things in life are best expressed by example. No amount of conversation or discussion will pick up one cigarette butt or one fast food bag – only physical labor will produce results. And after a day of hard work, kids will remember how it feels to pick up other people’s mess.
The reward for the kids was a day at Sunset Ridge Stable; hot dogs and photos where included to memorialize the day’s event.
And now, a week later, the grass is high and the streets are clean, perfect time for some careless individuals to start throwing the contents of their car or truck out the window.
Let me compliment several people who are usually taken for granted.
Starting with the Highway Department – after only one telephone call and speaking with a truly concerned young woman, we were able to get the grass cut and a large crew of grass control people showed up and did a wonderful job. Here in Dawkins it looks like you are driving on Hilton Head Island today.
One call to Davis Anderson, the Deputy County Administrator, and I know that he follows up on whatever request we make of him. Thank you Davis. Thank you Marvin Jeter for responding to code violations and your attempt to keep this neighborhood in superior condition. Thank you Lenny and Jan Goldman for your outstanding contribution in keeping the neighborhood clean.
It takes a village to do a lot of things. However, I believe it’s the people living in that village who make it what it is for the rest of us.
We all remain grateful for everyone’s contribution.

Jeff Schaffer
Lake Monticello

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