Region 6 HQ Coming to Blythewood

BLYTHEWOOD – The Richland County Sheriff’s Department will soon move its Region 6 Headquarters from Lake Carolina to downtown Blythewood. The Headquarters will be located in the former Ace Hardware building at 118 McNulty Road. The building was owned by Karl Yoas and most recently occupied by Rivers International Church.

According to Capt. Chris Cowan of the Sheriff’s Department, Richland County Council approved a total of $1,050,000 at their July 2 meeting for purchase of the building, the lot and the upfitting of both. Cowan said he expects the move to take place during September.

Cowan said only half of the building will be occupied by Region 6 and the other half by the Town’s Chief Magistrate, Donald Simon.

“This is a good situation,” Cowan said. “It puts us in direct collaboration with the magistrate for serving warrants and for court proceedings. Plus it’s a good fit for both the town’s residents and us. It puts us in the middle of Regions 6 so our deputies will be more centrally located and better able to serve the community.”

The Headquarters will have four shifts with two-hour rotations and four squads just as it is currently at Lake Carolina, and with the same command structure — Capt. Roxanne Meetze and Lt. Harry Polis.

“While the Town has 24/7 service from the Department now, there will definitely be more of a presence of the Sheriff’s Department in the town with this move,” Cowan said.

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