Council OK’s Next Phase of Park Infrastructure

Map showing the location of the proposed Booster Pump Station on Hwy 21/Wilson Road and the proposed dedicated booster pump suction/supply line from City of Columbia Meter Pit to the booster pump station on Blythewood High School property.

Route of proposed distribution system improvements between Blythewood booster pump station and Creech Road to allow conveyance of the higher flows at reduced pumping head.

Map showing location of proposed pump station at the Fairfield/Richland line to allow for filling of Walter Brown I Industrial Park elevated and ground storage tanks and proposed yard piping at the Walter Brown I Park tank site to allow high service pumps to fill Rite Aid tank.

Map showing location of proposed gravity and force mains from Fairfield Commerce Center to existing gravity line in the Walter B. Brown II Industrial Park and gravity line from the 75,000 SF Speculative Building to existing gravity line in the Walter Brown II Industrial Park.

FAIRFIELD – With the capacity size of a proposed pumping station determined by HPG and Company engineers, County Council Monday night voted 6-0 to move on to the next phase of water infrastructure installation to serve the Fairfield Commerce Center, the County’s burgeoning industrial park off Cook and Peach roads. The next phase also includes a wastewater hookup that will serve a limited portion of Phase 1 of the park.

The water connection will use existing lines on the Fairfield County side of the network, but will require the installation of a dedicated supply line from a meter pit off Highway 21 near N. Firetower Road in Blythewood that will wind its way into Fairfield County via Syrup Mill Road. Funding for the estimated cost of the project – $627,135 – will come from a $7 million 2009 bond issue, interim County Administrator Milton Pope told Council Monday night.

Wastewater infrastructure to service a full build-out of the entire 684-acre park still requires several easements, which the County has not yet obtained, in order to run lines over adjacent properties. However, HPG has determined that the existing wastewater pump station at the nearby Walter Brown II Industrial Park can handle enough wastewater to service a limited number of facilities in Phase 1 of the Commerce Center. The cost for installing the necessary infrastructure – infrastructure that could be expanded to service the entire industrial corridor along I-77 – is estimated to be between $1.18 and $1.248 million, and will also come from the 2009 bond issue.

“HPG told us we had enough sewer capacity for probably three units,” Council Chairman David Ferguson (District 5) said Monday night. “One is the spec unit we built in Walter Brown II, and that would give us two new buildings in the new industrial park. With this investment, it will get us up to three plants. At that point in time we will have to come up with an additional source of water and wastewater.”

Council’s approval now sends the project back to the Town of Winnsboro, which will put the project out for bid. Tiffany Harrison, Director of Economic Development for Fairfield County, estimated that the system could be completed and ready for use in a year.

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