County in Crisis

Once again with a packed house, the Fairfield County Council “received” requests from its taxpayers to stop the outrageous spending, give back the double dipped insurance funds and college tuition totaling over $95,000 and the taxpayers were ignored. Each council member receives $759 a month or a total of $66,780 yearly under the guise of Annual Allocation as so called operating expenses. There are no receipts or expense reports required, they just get the funds monthly in addition to their rather high salaries.

Many residents spoke at the meeting on Aug. 26 requesting they do the right thing, reminded them of their consciences and were even presented with forms to sign regarding repayment of the taxpayers’ funds, which fell on deaf ears. The council continues to ride the cash train, which stops directly in their pockets at the expense of each and every taxpayer of the county.

The acting Administrator was praised by council for the items he covered on the agenda but he neglected to address any hot topic continually brought up during the past meetings by concerned citizens. There was no update on the audit, Lost funds, millage rate increases and high property taxes leaving residents again in the dark. The ongoing unethical actions by Council members remain top on the list and must be resolved, honest answers given and changes in the Council made in order for Fairfield County to move forward with a true vision and fiscal responsibility.

I urge each resident of the county to attend meetings, have open discussions with each other regarding the downright horrific actions of their elected officials and be aware of the long term affects Council’s actions are having on our beloved county. The arrogance and inability of this Council to listen to its constituents and represent is truly sad and unattractive for potential new residents seeking to move to this county in the near future. Fairfield County is in crisis and we need an intervention.

Beth Jenkins


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