By the Book

The Handbook for County Government of South Carolina, the Bible on how to operate a county council, states clearly and defines the following: “Establishing and communicating a vision for the county.” It goes on to state that this vision is the most significant policy and decision the county must make: “It is the essences of leadership.” Successful communities must have a direction. They need to know where they are going!

I am very troubled. I have no idea what the vision or mission is for Fairfield County, or if they have established one. Why is it not apparent to everyone? More importantly, what is it? And have they accomplished it?

In a time of disappointment and distrust, the citizens need leadership and integrity, not excuses or misguided explanations. If Fairfield is ever going to change for the better, this is the time for it.

Rather than sit and listen to the incompetence of this council, I suggest you come and make your voice heard.

The 80/20 rule is now down to 90/10 and those 10 are not enough to make an entire county of thousands change the status quo. It’s very simple.

Do you see great improvements over the past 20 years? Where are all the businesses going? Why is it so hard to get a decent paying job?

If you live out of Winnsboro and Ridgeway, what kind of infrastructure do you have? Are the roads paved? Are shopping necessities easily available? Medical emergency, Police, Fire department and fire hydrants . . . this list is endless!

The big question all boils down to this: Do you think this is the best you can have in one of the richest counties in the state?

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello

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