Good Deal

Many thanks go out to Winnsboro Town Council and our many supporters for giving Friends of Mt. Zion Institute our chance at renovating and preserving a significant part of the town’s history and its potential for the future.

Our Board has accepted the Town’s offer and terms for the Mt. Zion buildings and will be ever grateful that they were willing to take another look at the project. Each of us know well the challenge ahead but pledge to Town Council and all Fairfield citizens that we will do our best to make this effort one that will eventually contribute to an improved economy and quality of life in our community.

Now there’s much work to be done. While we have funds to get started, they’re a drop in the bucket for the long haul, so watch for fund-raising events and fun opportunities to assist. We’ll be posting a list of specific needs in the way of materials, time, and expertise – ways to help in addition to money – and response to these calls can be just as valuable. FOMZI invites anyone and everyone to participate. We’ll be holding open meetings on a regular basis to let the public know how things are proceeding and how they can help. Blair College of Art remains our long-term focus and we’re excited about some of the possibilities for the short-term, so we look forward to getting started and having others join us.

Again, thank you to Winnsboro Town Council and special thanks to supporters who stepped up, spoke out, made contact, and wouldn’t give up. There’s spirit in Fairfield these days, working in many different ways, and that will be the means to a better tomorrow for us all.

Vicki Dodds, Chairman

Friends of Mt. Zion Institute

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