Last Word

Thank you Mr. County Council Chairman for ending each Council meeting with a pity sermon, and of course taking the opportunity to get the last word in at these meetings. Which, by the way, doesn’t help your cause, especially when you have your foot in your mouth making a statement like “It’s difficult to get new businesses to come here when the county is getting all this adverse publicity.”

Well I guess we should go back to passing around Internet porn, spending taxpayers’ money on no-return projects or giving each of the Council members more money for their own personal use without a receipt. Maybe we should get a bylaw changed to allow Council members to spend up to $25,000 each even if they don’t attend any meetings so they can continue to buy votes and pay for them with taxpayers’ money. Maybe we should also have a bylaw that entitles our elected County official “Royalty” to stay an extra week on Hilton Head in a luxury villa.

What is truly inappropriate is for you to have the last word at Council meetings. If you paid back the inappropriate money you took, if you stopped asking the interim Administrator to explain what everything is, if, as the Chairman you started to act like you knew what you were supposed to know, if you stopped making excuses and explanations for inappropriate behavior, you wouldn’t be hounded by the press and investigative television news agencies.

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello


  1. Beachgirl says

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

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