Minimum Levied in Horse Case

WINNSBORO – A Winnsboro man who pled guilty to three counts of ill treatment to animals in Magistrate’s Court in October, and who had until this month to bring the animals into good health, received the minimum sentence from Judge William Robinson on Dec. 6.

Calvin D. Carver, 52, of 480 Hungry Hollow Road, was given the option of paying a fine of $262.50 per charge or spending 30 days in jail for each charge by Judge Robinson on Dec. 6. Carver, who opted for the fine, will have 60 days in which to pay the $787.50 total, Judge Robinson told The Voice last week.

Carver originally faced six counts after being cited on July 19 for a half dozen horses that “were not being taken care of properly and needed to be fed,” according to a Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office report. The Sheriff’s Office said photographs of the horses were taken and reviewed by Dr. Michael Privett, a Columbia veterinarian, who according to the report rated the horses at a “5 or below” on a scale of 1-10.

But during Carver’s first appearance in court on Oct. 4, Judge Robinson accepted a plea deal from Carver, deferring sentencing for 60 days. Judge Robinson said in October that his sentencing would be based on the condition of the horses after the 60-day period.

Last week, Judge Robinson said the health and condition of the horses had greatly improved and his sentence represented the minimum allowed by law.

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