Since the Town Of Blythewood has started the “Centerpiece of the Town,” Doko Meadows, our town leader ship seems to have become preoccupied with other pressing matters such as a Tree Ordinance, ball field renovation and the upcoming election. They seem to have lost sight of some things that should have a higher priority. Things that we as citizens very seldom hear about.

The entire length of McNulty Street is in serious need of a repave, and has needed such for at least the past two years. However, the only thing that was done was to put in some curbing in the area around Comfort Inn. The asphalt patches at the intersection between Master Tire and the new Sharpe’s Exxon have patches and now they are in need of being replaced. There are sections of Boney Road around the Park and Bethel-Hanberry that also need to be addressed.

Critical infrastructure that should have high priority goes neglected while the town continues to preoccupy themselves with other issues that do not benefit the town nor the many small businesses that struggle to stay here, rather than worrying ourselves with things like how the trees look, or whether the signs put up by businesses struggling to stay afloat infringe upon the town council’s vision of what they want the town of Blythewood to be. They need to address infrastructure that will pay real dividends, crumbling streets, inadequate drainage of streets, the gridlock that happens every morning Monday through Friday when people try to get to work.

I say it’s time to realign priorities and complete some projects that will pay real dividends. Stop worrying about projects that add little to no value. How about trying to attract small business to the Town of Blythewood instead of making it so hard for new business to open here in town, fix the streets so that the citizens can get around. Muzzle the BAR so that people will actually consider Blythewood as a business address instead of someplace to avoid because of the silly meaningless rules and regulations.

Think about it.

Mike Boone


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