Zoning Errors Top 100 Parcels

WINNSBORO – Nearly 150 properties were left with incorrect zoning last year when the County and its consultant, Dan Vismore & Associates, went through a major rezoning process en route to adopting a new land management ordinance, according to a presentation made to County Council Monday night. Council then took the first steps to correct those errors with a public hearing and first reading of ordinance 627.

Tim Roseboro, Director of Planning & Zoning, told Council that two properties in Jenkinsville were incorrectly zoned, while five on Highway 321 Bypass were also erroneously rezoned. All seven should have been zoned B2 (General Business), Roseboro said, as should have 10 parcels near Washington Street in Winnsboro. Three parcels along the Ridgeway town limits that should have been zoned as RC (Rural Community) were also incorrectly zoned. But the major problem, Roseboro said, was in South Winnsboro, where 95 parcels were incorrectly zoned that should have been zoned as R2 and 35 that should have been zoned as R1, both residential designations.

Milton Pope, Interim County Administrator, said that even though it is obvious the corrections need to be made, Council was obligated by law to go through the legal stages of three readings and a public hearing before adopting the changes. The proposed corrections, Pope said, will make the zoning maps consistent with the overall comprehensive land management plan.

First reading passed 6-0. Councilman Mikel Trapp (District 3) was absent.


  1. Wanda Carnes says

    If you live on Cook Road, you need to verify your current zoning. Several previously RD zoned homes have been zoned Industrial. Sounds like a great opportunity, but try to sell your home as a home or borrow money against you home. Nearly impossible! Call your bank if you do not believe me!

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