Doggone Injustice

Outrage should best describe the response to the story in your recent edition (March 28) of the two dogs in Fairfield County who suffered exposure and were starved to death by Rosa Vesselles. It is shameful that numbers of law enforcement, citizens, neighbors and visitors to 223 Doty Road Ext. never lifted a finger to act on their behalf until the deputy on patrol noticed the emaciated dog in Vesselles’ yard in January.

Does anyone wonder how long those dogs were forced to live on their own excrement and lick the urine-filled frost from the ground before they were too weak to do so?  They agonized through the cold, rain, sleet, and snow, with no ability to seek shelter, chained to a stake in the ground; the woman who tortured them to death got a payment plan set up for a mere $274.44 as her “punishment.”

A simple phone call made by anyone who was aware of this could have led to the confiscation of those two creatures, getting them the help that they deserved. It took months for them to starve to death; add to that exposure
to the elements, watching as this woman and others just passed by ignoring them. Anyone with a conscience should be mortified by such behavior and in the nominal sentencing handed down by the judicial system.

Sonya Calhoun

The membership

of Fairfield Animal Rescue


  1. Connie Shackelford says

    This woman should face more than a fine. Perhaps she should be made to clean kennels at the Shelter for a year. She should be made to pay not only a fine but either be incarcerated or put to work at the animal shelter (with supervision) so that she could see that they are more than animals. Dogs truly have a heart and a soul. They unconditionally love their owner no matter what. The money she was charged would not pay for food for a dog for 8-months. When will our judicial system start doing the right thing toward man’s best friend!!

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