For the Mayor

No business can be successful and grow without a strong community atmosphere in which to develop.

Mayor Charlene Herring has worked tirelessly to make Ridgeway a wonderful place for families to live and its merchants. She is often seen sweeping the streets, picking up trash and more recently painting the rear wall of the Fire Department before graffiti could be seen by citizens.

She is constantly searching for plans to make certain our town does not end the prosperity that has been achieved with her guidance and vision. Mayor Herring works with the S.C. Municipal Association, attending their meetings at her own expense. These meetings are held in other cities and her attendance is an opportunity for her to learn new ways to better lead Ridgeway. Her efforts as Mayor were recognized by the S.C. Municipal Association when Ridgeway was recognized as the recipient of 2011 Achievement Award.

Mayor Herring has worked to create events involving the town’s merchants and citizens in promotion of the arts through the Arts on the Ridge. Through her efforts Ridgeway now has a museum. She has been a positive force for the good of all and is a consensus builder.

It is my hope that, on Election Day in Ridgeway, for all of the foregoing listed reasons and considerations, that all of the voters of Ridgeway allow Charlene Herring to continue as our Mayor so that she can continue the positive direction our town has taken in her tenure as our Mayor.

Tina Johnson

Ridgeway Merchant

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