Town to Repay General Fund for Doko

BLYTHEWOOD – At their Monday night meeting, Town Council passed a formal payment plan to reimburse the Town’s general fund for disbursements that were made for the Manor this past fiscal year in the amount of $162,000. The intent, according to the resolution, is that the Manor become a self-supporting enterprise, and that the repayments to the general fund be made as cash becomes available from an enterprise fund established for the Manor.

The resolution states: “No reimbursement will be made until the unrestricted Manor cash account exceeds $10,000. At month end for balances from $10,001 to $19,999, 10 percent will be returned to the general fund cash account until the entire payable is reimbursed. For all month end balances in excess of $19,999, the general fund cash account will be reimbursed $5,000, plus 10 percent of the remaining balance in excess of $10,000 until the entire payable is reimbursed.”

Patrick Connolly, the newly hired assistant to Booth Chilcutt, Director of the Manor, reported that estimated gross revenue for the Manor during the fourth fiscal quarter of 2012-14 (April, May and June), is $22,190. The report did not include an estimate of expenses for the quarter. Councilman Tom Utroska explained that beginning July 1, the Manor will operate under the new rental payment guidelines including minimum use fees established by resolution last month and no longer book at the previous rates, though previously booked rates will be honored. According to the event schedule presented by Connolly, 23 events previously booked by Richland County School through the end of June average $118.26 per booking.

New Christmas Decorations for Town

A newly formed Christmas Committee presented a proposal to Council for new, more appropriate Christmas decorations for the Town. Faye Kelly, representing the committee, suggested the Town adopt a traditional green wreath, 60-inches in diameter with LED lights and a 24-inch red bow to be attached to the side of existing light poles. She said the group made a survey of the poles to determine whether appropriate electrical connections existed. Kelly said the committee felt the wreaths would be appropriate décor for a small town like Blythewood and that the committee would like to initially purchase 17 wreaths at a cost of $8,500. Additionally, Kelly said the committee planned to continue using some of the town’s current star decorations in conjunction with the new decorations until they could afford to buy more wreaths. She suggested displaying all the Harold Branham-painted decorations in the Town Hall/Park area.

Kelly said the committee hopes to get donations to help purchase and maintain the decorations in the future, but asked Council for financial assistance more immediately to have new decorations for the coming Christmas. Ross said the item will be put on the agenda for the next Council workshop to be held May 13.

Following an executive session, Council voted to approve four finalists for the position of Town Administrator.

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