Getting Down on the Farm –

The Kickoff for the 2014 Fairfield County Ag + Art Tour was held in Ridgeway on Tuesday evening and featured a number of the farmers, entertainers and artists who will participate in the tour next weekend, June 21 and 22. Gathered on the steps of the Century House in Ridgeway are: Graham Hall with his dog Sugar (Magnolia Lodge) and Ernest Manning (Fairfield Farmer’s Market.) First row: Mac Russell (Fairfield Farmer’s Market), artist Susan McManus, storyteller Frankie O’Neal, musician Tom Hall and Denise Jones (Chairwoman of Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce.) Second row: ?????? (????), Pelham Lyles (Fairfield Museum), Phyllis Dinkins (The Old Station) and Lori Freeman (Our Barn.) Third row: Addell Pauling (Herb Grower), Terry Vickers (President of the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce), Katherine Doty (Doty Farm), Strauss Shiple (Olde English Tourism District) and Ben Boyles (Clemson Extension).

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