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Little Eastatoe Creek, near Pickens: a good place for trout, and other stuff. (Photo/Robert Clark)

With much surprise my co-author, Robert Clark, and I learned that people have long been using our photo-essay books on South Carolina as unintended travel guides. A woman told me, “My husband and I use your book, ‘Reflections of South Carolina,’ as a way to make trips to interesting places.” And then another lady said much the same thing.

“Reflections of South Carolina, Vol. 2,” is coming out this week, and we expect it to serve as an accidental day trip guide as well. The University of Press is publishing the 10 x 12 hardcover book, 248 pages, which contains 236 color and 14 black and white photographs. The book presents beautiful venues in three regions: the Upcountry, the Heartland – from the western freshwater coast to Myrtle Beach region – and the Lowcountry.

Here’s a bit of insight from the USC Press itself. “From the Appalachians to the Atlantic, South Carolina’s awe-inspiring beauty is revealed in this visually stirring and heart-warming tribute to one of America’s favorite vacation destinations. Rich with 250 stunning photographs, this second volume of Reflections of South Carolina uncovers the geological, natural, and cultural grandeur the Palmetto State packs into 32,000 square miles. In a landscape abundant with waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and surf, South Carolina overflows with flora and fauna, as well as astonishing vistas. On their new journey, photographer Robert C. Clark and writer Tom Poland set out on a path of discovery that reveals charming country stores, water-powered gristmills, enchanting meadows, and extraordinary people and places. From angles high and low, this keepsake book illuminates the state’s summits, swamps, shores and islands that brim with life, beauty and culture. Turn the pages and explore the mountain majesties, fruited plain, and shining sea – South Carolina holds so much of what makes this country ‘America the Beautiful’.”

So, what trips might these photographs inspire? Consider a trip to Chattooga Belle Farm. Up near Long Creek, Chattooga Belle Farm sits 1,700 feet above sea level. Groucho Marx once owned this beautiful farmstead, which blesses the northwest corner with grapes, muscadines, scuppernongs, peaches and blueberries. The Chattooga River runs in the mountainous background while sunlight nurtures a medley of fruits.

Little Eastatoe Creek might bring out the sportsman in you. Ten miles from Pickens, cold, fast water plunges and pools creating one of South Carolina’s better, if not best, trout streams. Little Eastatoe Creek’s silky riffles shelter rainbow and brook trout and the creek’s fine spray sustains rare ferns.

Go to Fort Sumter and see the 42-pounder, with a charge of 8 pounds of powder, could penetrate a 26-inch brick wall. Cannons like this one were banded and rifled. Bands of wrought iron wrapped around a cannon enabled it to withstand the increased pressure of larger powder charges.

That’s but three venues in a book of more than 200. Great day trips you could say are now just a page away.

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Reflections of South Carolina, Vol. 2

University of South Carolina Press


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