BAR OK’s Band Shell

BLYTHEWOOD – The Board of Architectural Review Monday night unanimously approved a new design concept for an amphitheater band shell in the town’s Doko Park. The raised permanent structure was recommended to Town Council for approval by the Park Committee. Jim McLean, the committee’s chairman, said the Wave band shell is a smaller, less costly design than the original design, but that it can be increased in size at a cost of about $10,000 per 5 feet in width. Built by Polygon, the shell measures 30×40 feet and features quad beams, a front concrete pad, electrical connections and lighting. The estimated cost is $125,000 – $150,000.

The next stop for the shell is Town Council, where it will be perused for color, scale, lighting and other features.

“We felt it needed to come before the BAR first for approval of the design concept, to be sure it is fitting for the park before Town Council looks at it,” McLean said.

McLean also reviewed for the board some of the town’s historical properties, suggesting that the Town develop an inventory of prospective properties and the Historical Society could help with ranking, using a point system for determining historical importance.

“I believe in an historical ordinance,” McLean said. “In 2007 we identified 58 pieces of historical properties. As the town has grown, the prospects for historical properties have also grown.”

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