Come for the Tea, Stay for the Quilt –

Cindy Miller, left, was shopping in Ridgeway recently when she spotted seamstress Judy Miller’s shop, Threads. Cindy Miller had been carrying a box of her twin daughters’ T-shirts around in her car for weeks looking for a seamstress who would turn them into a memory quilt for one of the twins’ graduation from Lander University. The shirt sizes were from toddler to teen, keepsakes from her daughters’ childhood and teen years. “When I saw Judy’s work, I brought my box of T-shirts in and she went to work on the quilt,” Cindy Miller said. A couple of weeks later, she picked up the finished quilt. “I love it and my daughter will too. It’s just what I was wanting. I just came to Ridgeway for tea and shopping, and I’m taking home my T-shirt quilt,” she said happily.

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