Ridgeway Reconsiders Berm

RIDGEWAY – After voting at their Aug. 14 meeting to award a $1,200 contract to M.C. Rowe to construct an earthen berm on the east side of the Century House, Town Council changed gears last week, electing instead to erect a cable barrier. Council unanimously agreed on the change of course after Councilman Russ Brown volunteered to construct the barrier himself.

“I know we’ve already voted on that, but I’m not sure if it’s been approved,” Brown said during Council’s Sept. 11 meeting. “I’m going to suggest that if the Town would like to save money I would be willing to put in the wire and the posts.”

Rezoning Hearing

Brown’s attempt to have .82 acres at the junction of highways 34 and 21 failed to make it past the Planning and Zoning Commission on Aug. 25. The property is zoned as R1 (single-family residential) and Brown was seeking to have it rezoned as commercial to conform to surrounding lots. Brown said last week he was considering an appeal of the process.

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