Vote Smart

Sept. 30 is the date for the primary election for Fairfield County sheriff.  Oct. 14 is the date to vote if there is a runoff in that election. Nov. 18 is the date to vote for sheriff.

On Nov. 4, we are asked to vote for individuals who will lead our county, state and nation for the next few years. Please give careful thought to your decisions on these days. The Great Commission tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves but it does not say that we are to love our neighbor’s actions. Friendship and kinship should NOT be the criteria when deciding for whom to vote. Friends or relatives who are candidates for office but whose qualifications and past performances are not exemplary do not deserve our sacred vote.

I applaud Saving Fairfield for advocating open government in Fairfield County. This group is dedicated to the proposition that members of the public have a right to know what their government is doing in their name and at their expense.

Fairfield County voters have been complacent in the past. Mark your calendar, go to the polls and don’t let anything keep you from exercising your right to vote. We must have change!

Brenda Miller



  1. Mark Polk says

    Unfortunately, many voters are apathetic and won’t take time to learn about candidates but vote because they have seen the candidate’s name before. Short memories and lack of interest are two reasons the same people get elected time and time again.

  2. Mark Polk says

    Voting smart would require voters to become involved and find out about the candidates. It’s too bad that at this time voters around the entire country are poorly informed and mostly vote for someone because they heard the candidate’s name before.

  3. Mark Polk says

    Voting smart means the public needs to study on the candidates not just vote because they heard the name before. I hope people take the time to find out more about each candidate before voting.

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