Walboro, U.S.A.

Great reporting on the GO Bond issues being snaked behind the curtain on the county property tax payers by the evidently non-transparent County Council. Operating any budget at maximum debt level is just not smart. Let’s see, a “mock income,” reckon’ that’ll come back to bite us?

But wait… 2018 and the new reactor…. Hmmm, can we find a way to increase the debt limit before we get that hose-pipe flowin’ from SCE&G? Of course, we’ll just reassess in 2015 and increase everyone’s home value and… of course what they in turn owe, thereby increasing what we can borrow! Maybe Cuba will open its doors and we can do junkets with Sangria and Cee-Gars!

Can anyone else see Walmart as conveniently inviting companies that make products sold primarily by Walmart into the fold here?

Receiving fee in lieu of taxes, tax breaks, rear end kisses from government officials all the way to the Governor, posing for yet another photo op while placing the full burden on the home owner. “We’re so happy to be part of the supply chain…”

Welcome to Walboro!

Elections are coming and the leadership needs a swift change!

David Lee Waters Sr.


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