Dear Chairman

To begin, the gesture at this past Monday’s (Sept. 22) County Council meeting, to accept citizens’ questions during the bonds segment, was very much appreciated, despite the two ‘No’ votes. This practice should have been in place many years ago, but nonetheless, still appreciated.

To my point, during this Council meeting, as in the past, you called for order and an end to the chuckles from the back of the chambers; but, once again, as in the past, you allowed the snickering and chuckling from the front to continue at other points in the evening, these taking place just two seats to your right.

How can you expect an audience to respect your call for order if you are not fair in how you enforce your rules? Are you trying to say that the Council deserves respect, but there is none for the citizens?

To continue this double standard while enforcing your rules is being prejudiced against the very citizens who put this council in their chairs, and hopefully, these same citizens will take away those chairs Nov. 4.

Neither you nor the sitting members of this Council can say you were not warned, just as you were warned long before the Drawdy Park wall collapsed and continued to do nothing.

Pat Williams


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