Same Old, Same Old

When I read Councilman Brown’s and Mayor Gaddy’s endorsement Of Councilman Sanders’ candidacy for County Council District 7, I thought to myself: “Isn’t this just more of the same?”

Over the course of the past year and a half, we have come to understand how poorly we have been served by our sitting Council members. I find it difficult to believe that the citizens of Fairfield County are not fully aware of the reckless spending and lavish self enrichment that this County Council has participated in.

Knowing this I have to ask why on Earth would we want to elect anyone who is associated with the kind of thinking and behavior exhibited, Why would any candidate actually want an endorsement from a sitting Council member. The voters in Fairfield County want to change direction, they want to see Fairfield reach her full potential, and they want open honest governance. They want a clean break from the “same old same old” of local politics and entrenched politicians.

I pray the citizens of the 7TH district, and all districts for that matter, seize this opportunity to start fresh with the governance of Fairfield.

Bob Carrison


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