There is Hope

It’s election time and Fairfield’s Elitists are scrambling to consolidate their power in reaction to the high quality opposing Council candidates who have volunteered to cater to the people instead of the powerful. We clearly understand the Power Elites’ feverous desire to maintain the status quo in the upcoming Council election. Certainly, keeping the Council incumbents in power would further tighten the good-old-boys grip on Fairfield. Additionally, the Elites’ recent public endorsement of one of their own has all the earmarks of yet another attempt to ensure power is kept in the hands of a few powerful insiders. The Power Elites quest for more of the same is understandable, but is it good for Fairfield?

Just how has Fairfield fared while in the grip of the “status quo”? During the past several years Fairfield’s citizens have been subjected to unparalleled government spending and record tax increases while services remain wanting. The “status quo” has also wrought multiple embarrassing scandals and ethics violations. Speaking of embarrassing, who can forget that poster child for mismanagement – The Drawdy Park Calamity? Our water and road infrastructures are crumbling before our eyes while costly boondoggles divert money to the waste bin. How did you like the Council’s oversight failures which produced the expensive LOST monies and the missing recreation building fiascoes? Oh, and let’s thank “status quo” for adding a $43,000,000 Shell Corporation to our debt, without a referendum and without a sound comprehensive plan to leverage the debt for Fairfield’s betterment! Yea, that “status quo” thing is just not working out.

Fortunately, the first week of November brings us hope. We have the kind of hope which only comes from several strong anti-incumbent candidates who have emerged from the ranks of the people. These candidates offer genuine hope of breaking the downward spiral created by the “status quo.” We, finally, have Council candidates who actually embrace transparency, accountability and good common sense. Most of all, we have opposing candidates who understand Council’s job is to improve services while lowering taxes.

Let’s tell the Power Elites we have had enough of good old boy “Status Quo” on Nov. 4. Vote for their challengers who are passionate about building an open, honest, efficient, and effective government. Please vote for Fairfield County and end the debilitating grip of the few on Nov. 4.

Randy Bright



  1. Mark Polk says

    These challengers are not “Tea Party” candidates as some incumbents want us to believe. Let’s hope for a large turnout of voters who are fed up with the “status quo” and will elect individuals who can put the people of the county ahead of their personal interests.

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