Power to the People

So let it be written. So let it be done! That’s how Yul Brynner said it in “The Ten Commandments.”

It’s actually not that hard to believe that the greater majority of Fairfield voters came out and voted in almost record numbers. What does it say when you win three out of the four incumbent seats? One of them by 63 percent. It means the people expect a huge change in how things have been operating. And the remaining County Council members will have to fall in line very quickly, or face certain removal at the next election.

Saving Fairfield has saved Fairfield from a lot of things. This new Council has its work cut out for it! And the citizens have to give them a little latitude in the beginning. Will the new Council members be strong and independent enough to turn around this sinking ship? Will they work hard enough and find the solution to lower our taxes? Can they guide this big ship into a tight spot with a school district on one side and industry, water and healthcare on the other? Can they and will they be able to negotiate all the small and large issues with the Town, the School Board and all the other agencies?

Time will tell. The second thing that we have witnessed is The Good Old Boy Club is closed and out of business in Fairfield County! All those who thought they were protected are now doomed. All those who have been milking the system will go hungry and out on their butt very soon.

To this I say: We told you so! This is the beginning of the end. The end of ‘this district gets it and that one does not’.

The watch dogs will be out prowling the county looking and reporting misdeeds. Special interest should take note.

You’re not special anymore, your friends are gone and reality has a seat at the head of the table.

It’s a great day in Fairfield County. It’s a greater day for South Carolina!

Jeff Schaffer

Lake Monticello


  1. Mark Polk says

    Mr. Schaffer, l hope your group will be supportive but continue to be attentive. It will take time to make some changes, but let’s give especially the new Councilpersons the backing they need from the County residents.

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