Grinnin’ from Pickin’ –

The managers of the three local First Citizens Banks presented $300 to Dean Shelley (second from right) of Blythewood, the lucky winner of the Independent Voice’s annual College Bowl U-Pick ‘Em contest. Shelley, who has been banking at First Citizens in Blythewood since it opened, correctly picked the winners of 13 of the 16 college bowls. Far outpacing his substantial competition, Shelly skipped over most of the SEC teams for less predictable winners. “I was pulling for them, but I didn’t think they’d win,” he said. They didn’t, but he did. Presenting the three $100 bills are the three bank managers: Steven Smith, left, (Blythewood), Bret Whitner (Ridgeway) and Dan Preagler (Winnsboro).

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