Lady Griffins Plaster Pelion

WINNSBORO – The Lady Griffins of Fairfield Central High School hosted the Pelion High Panthers tonight in a one-sided Region matchup, trouncing the Lady Panthers 63-12.

The tough Lady Griffin defense made the game hard going for Pelion, as the Lady Panthers were shut out for the entire first period. Pelion finally lit up the scoreboard with a couple of baskets by Kaitlyn Dorrough. Dorrough’s field goals were the only points the Panthers scored in the first half.

The superior athleticism and speed of the Lady Griffins made it difficult for Pelion to hold on to the ball. It seemed like every other Panther pass was snatched out of the air by Fairfield, often with no defender between the Lady Griffins and the goal.

In the second half, the play followed similar lines, as no Lady Panther scored a basket from the field in the third quarter. Only two free throws by Uniquia Jackson inched the Pelion score upward. Conversely, the third period was the Lady Griffins’ best, as Nyashia Crumblin, the game’s high scorer with 16 points, hit four baskets, leading the team’s best quarter total of 23 points.

The last quarter was Pelion’s best effort. Madison Hill hit a 3-pointer, and two other players accounted for another three.

FCHS-63, Pelion-12

Tanise Davis 16, Hope Woodard 8, Chyna Moore 8, Tyeisha Jackson 7, Tamisha Woodard 6, Jameka Henderson 6, Delexius Cloud 4, Tequilla Foster 2, Christin Gray 6.

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