Better Suggestion

We are a government of the people, with representatives elected by the people, who are elected to serve the people. As representatives of the people we are required to be respectful to those who elected us to serve. We must be honest, humble and most of all not arrogant and self-serving.

We are elected to serve all the citizens of Fairfield County. Black and white, rich and poor, old and young. From Lake Wateree to the Broad River.

When we become arrogant and disrespectful to any of the citizens, which we were elected to serve, then we become unqualified to hold that office. When our actions create divisiveness, inflame racism, and degrade any citizen, it becomes time for change.

The words spoken in this chamber the past six months are troublesome. They are not reflective of the citizens of Fairfield County. We the citizens of Fairfield County are better than this.

It is time to come together and work together to make Fairfield County a better place to live and raise our families.

We are under a microscope by companies looking to set up new businesses in Fairfield County. My question to County Council: if you were a top executive in a company and observed the actions in this chamber, would you relocate your family to Fairfield County?

When we allow our political dirty tricks groups to mail flyers supposedly from hate groups to selected members of the community to create divisiveness we stoop to the same level of those hate groups.

As for me, no piece of silver, no office is worth me compromising the basic values that my family used to raise me. I will not stoop to that level.

For the record – I am not a Tea Party member and I am not a member of Saving Fairfield.

I have two recommendations to improve Council meetings. County Council time is prefaced with the phrase “We will discuss items for the good of Fairfield County.” When a discussion strays from that guideline, it should be stopped.

The citizens are limited to 3-minute presentations. This rule should be applied to the Council members, also.

Walter Larry Stewart



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