Decision Looms on Cobblestone Zoning

BLYTHEWOOD – With several items of business left over from two recent work sessions and last month’s Council meeting, Council is expected to have a full agenda on Monday, including a long awaited decision on the Cobblestone Park proposed zoning amendment and an expensive advertising campaign for The Manor.

Town Administrator Gary Parker met on Wednesday, shortly after The Voice went to press, with D.R. Horton representatives Ross Oakley and Tom Margle, Town Councilman Eddie Baughman, Planning Commission Chairman Malcolm Gorge, Town Planner Michael Criss, District Permits Engineer Tyler Clark and staff from the S.C. Department of Transportation (DOT) to hash out whether or not the Town can require D.R. Horton to conduct a traffic study for Syrup Mill and Blythewood roads as a result of the developer’s proposed building plans in the Primrose section of the neighborhood. Although D.R. Horton’s plans call for 506 fewer homes in the neighborhood overall, some members of Council who live in Cobblestone are insisting that because of additional homes being built in the Primrose section of the neighborhood, the traffic could increase on Syrup Mill Road. The item is expected to be on the agenda for first reading.

Another matter that continues to plague Town Hall and that was discussed at the Feb. 12 work session is how to stop the financial bleeding of The Manor. Parker suggested the possibility of hiring advertising resources to market the facility, especially for weekday and business events. Parker’s suggestions included an advertising campaign with Columbia Metropolitan Magazine or Columbia Business Monthly, pointing out that Columbia Metropolitan’s advertising package costs $10,950 and reaches more readers than a comparable package with Columbia Business Monthly, which costs $17,000.

Parker also suggested hiring a marketing consultant with the idea of improving bookings at the Manor during Monday through Thursday. He said the cost would be over $10,000 and be followed by the cost of implementing the advice of the marketing consultant.

Other items expected to be voted on are a proposed Industry Appreciation Week, the use, scheduling and charges for the Doko Park’s fields and the completion of park gates at Sandfield and McLean roads.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at The Manor on Monday.

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