Some Truth

Mr. Trapp’s opponents in the upcoming election need not enter the negative campaigning arena. Why, you ask, since pointing out an opponent’s shortcomings is usually part of any political campaign? Truth is: Mr. Trapp has placed his own shortcomings in front of the public time and time again. The most recent statement is that someone used his Social Security number to obtain his college records. Fact: Mr. Trapp’s college was contacted by the press and Mr. Trapp’s college confirmed – no such request was made for Mr. Trapp’s records other than by Mr. Trapp himself!

All this aside, Mr. Trapp’s most disgraceful, disgusting and saddest act is his continued public hurling of false racial accusations from his chair on Council aimed at undeserving citizens. This is his effort to incite a divide between the races that get along every day, form friendships and come together for various functions and projects. He blames racial bias for anything that does not conform to his ways or accept his self-serving motivations to use County funds for his personal use or gain.

Why has Mr. Trapp continued to play the race card throughout this entire campaign? Doesn’t he have a platform to share, a vision for Fairfield’s future, past accomplishments to publicize? Does he really want the council seat or just to stir up racial unrest in our peaceful county?

Who is the racist here, Mr. Trapp; better check out the man in the mirror?

District 3 citizens are realizing what type of person has been in office for too long, leaving them with no representation while he was absent from 24 Council meetings, faced ethics charges, was charged with fines by the Ethics Commission and now is refusing to pay back undeserved tuition monies. His conduct and record speak for themselves. District 3 Councilman Mikel Trapp is an embarrassment to our Fairfield County Government.

Attention citizens of District 3: you deserve better representation, real representation. Vote for NEW representation on March 3!

Pat Williams



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